Five Core Reasons Why We Are Different

First, everything we do for our Clients is 100% custom built: there is no such thing as a “set” Engagement pattern or process because we do not have an “ideological key hole” that we drag Clients thru regardless of their circumstances or needs (we believe that you cannot “force the fit” in our business).

Second, our Methodology is truly unique (yes, we know, everybody says that) and regardless of your previous experience with “outsiders,” you cannot possibly understand the powerful benefits we deliver to our Clients unless you personally experience them in a Session.  So, we offer to potential Clients what the automotive business would call a “road test,” which we call a PUTTS (“Peek Under The Tent Session”) and all we ask is that you defray our direct expenses.

Third, we always try to build (what we call) Long Term Consultative Partnerships with our Clients, if possible. Why? Because at the end of the day, we are in the business of telling our Clients “The Truth” as we see it and this requires an atmosphere of complete trust.

Fourth, we will do whatever it takes (within legal, cultural and business brief constraints) to help our Clients to be the most successful possible regardless of business circumstances or economic platform because our only product is our Clients’ success.

Lastly, we like to have fun– lots of it (In our experience, it takes no skill to be miserable period).

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