Our Target Clients

We are solely focused on helping our Clients to achieve measurable results in the development, implementation and execution of the three core strategies and skills sets required to successfully run any business: Revenue Generation, Leadership Development and Operational Art.

We achieve these deliverable and outcomes thru the use of unique, proprietary and time-tested methodologies that are based on a combination of military Special Operations, Senior Leadership and Logistical Implementation Strategies in real-world situations.

Our Target Clients

We seek to work with individuals, teams and groups who are facing significant and pressing problems and challenges growing and building their business. In some cases, we work with just one executive in other situations, an entire firm.

Most importantly, we seek Clients who are readily able to define for us three critical issues:

  • First, “Where they hurt” (the key question of medicine is also the key question of business)
  • Second, they can accurately “define success” to stopping their pain.
  • Third, they are willing to accept outside help to achieve what they want to do.

As such, we typically engage with five types of Clients regardless of their business sector.

  • Client Type 1 are senior leaders (and sometimes their teams)
  • Client Type 2 are the direct reports of senior leaders (and sometimes their teams)
  • Client Type 3 are people who are “Hi Potentials”
  • Client Type 4 are people who “must succeed”
  • Client Type 5 are people who are “Under Trained”

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