Methodology Overview

We actively help our Clients to grow and build their business regardless of the economic conditions, or other factors beyond their direct control. This process is based on our belief system that – in the vast majority of business cases – the only SURE way to build your business in today’s competitive and fractured economic battleground is to find new business while simultaneously taking business away from your competitors.

Accordingly, we achieve these distinct Benefits by ruthlessly focusing on the issues, factors and problems that our Clients tell us that they feel are blocking, or impeding their ability to achieve their business goals. We identify these (what we call) “Critical Success Factors (CSFs)” by asking a series of detailed and penetrating questions (in a format that is, in fact, totally unique and proprietary). Armed with this knowledge, we reorient the CSFs into Strategic Focus Areas (or SFAs), so that they fall into one of three silos.  These silos are-

Revenue Generation, which we define as the ability to consistently grow your business with current Clients AND acquire new Clients under all circumstances and situations. This ability is different from “organic” Client growth.

Leadership Development, which takes many forms and different levels depending on your needs. In general, we define Leadership as “Getting things done thru others” and the primary types of Leadership we focus on are- Self, Peer, Team, Matrix and Senior.

The Operational Art, which is technically defined as ensuring that your Business Strategy is “operationally linked” to your Business Plan and that your Business Plan is “logistically aligned” to your Business Strategy. In practice, this process typically starts with focusing on the core Dynamic Friction within your firm.

We define Dynamic Friction as the naturally occurring “frictions” that all firms have whenever two different parts of the business seek divergent Outcomes. The classic example in a Manufacturing firm is the Dynamic Friction between the “Marketing Department” and the “Manufacturing Department.” The former wants to sell something that the latter cannot make and the latter seeks to make something the former cannot sell

Finally, if a specific CFS does not fit into one of these three SFA silos, we will tell the Client and set expectations accordingly because many times Client issues are more “conundrums” than linear problems.

The Operational Art: A Unique Core Benefit

People are often confused by the term Operational Art. This is because the term is seldom taught outside of a few elite Military academies worldwide.  Operational Art is one of the Core Benefits we deliver to our Clients and – to our knowledge – we are one of a handful of firms that even broach this critical skill set. Formerly known as The Operational Art, in its simplest form it is defined as the leadership, communication and logistical skills sets required to effectively & efficiently “link” your Strategic Plan into your day to day Operational Business Plan and vice versa. The impact of Operational Art on Revenue Generation (including Client Acquisition & Business Development) and Leadership Development (at every level) cannot be understated.

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