Revenue Generation

We help our Clients to significantly increase their Capability (Effectiveness) and Capacity (Efficiency) to Generate Revenue under all economic conditions. Some of the benefits we deliver to our Clients in this Strategic Focus Area include:

  • Teaching you proprietary methods to “hit above your weight” (to use the Boxing term) so that you are able to consistently generate additional revenues from Current Clients and new revenues from Prospect Clients;
  • Helping you develop successful strategies to achieve your business revenue goals in the most severe economic conditions (we call this the All Terrain Opportunity Model, or ATOM);
  • Showing you effective ways to minimize price as an issue;
  • Enabling you to change your perceived Role(s) with your Clients, so that you have routine access to the Economic Buyer(s) because the individual Client understands the benefits to him(her)self that you deliver on a regular basis;
  • Developing your ability to earn the right (please note the word choice) with all of your Clients to gain “first right of refusal” on any potential business;
  • Teaching you how to build LTCPs- Long Term Consultative Partnerships, which radically changes the Perceptions that your Clients have of you.
  • Working with you to create new ways to “sell ideas” during meetings (including Telcos, Video Conferences and Web), so that you provide the maximum impact possible by looking at how you “read the room,” build relationships and project Value.
  • How to run meetings and presentations (including Telcos, Video Conferences and Web) so that you consistently achieve the outcomes you are seeking regardless of the “stress” you may feel or the “pressure” you are under.
  • Examining various methods to achieve more efficient marketing of your products and solutions to your Clients and Prospects, so that you can expand your capacity to grow current business and close more new business faster and – in some cases – with less effort and stress;
  • Boosting your capacity to build and grow your business via increased performance, including significantly improving your “hit rate”;
  • Improving your overall level of operational control as it pertains to your bottom line business results;
  • Greatly reduced “stress” and improved day-to-day level of fun.

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