Core Benefits We Deliver To Our Clients

Financial =

  • Pinpoint ways to maximize profits without destroying your Client relationships for short term gains.
  • Build realistic plans to gain the highest share of your Clients’ business wallets without “giving away the farm” (what we call Profitless Prosperity). In many cases, this requires that we-
  • Teach you how to build LTCPs – Long Term Consultative Partnerships – which radically changes the Perceptions that your Clients have of you and enable to gain the Lion’s share of all the potential business that the Client can give to you.
  • Show you how to change your perceived Role(s) with your Clients, so that you have routine access to the Economic Buyer(s) because he/she/they understand the Benefits that you deliver on a regular basis.
  • Hone your ability to earn the right (please note the word choice) with all of your Clients to gain “first right of refusal” on any potential business
  • Showing you effective ways to minimize price as an issue.
  • Boosting your capacity to build and grow your business via increased performance because we teach you how to significantly improve your “hit rate.” In many situations, this also delivers a heightened capacity for you to “get the job done” in your current Role, while increasing overall revenues and profits for the firm without increasing the level of daily stress that you experience.
  • Helping you develop successful plans to achieve your business revenue goals in the most severe economic conditions (we call this the All-Terrain Opportunity Model, or ATOM for short). In many situations, this necessitates that we-
  • Improving your overall level of Operational Control (OPCON) as it pertains to your bottom line business results; 
  • Examining various methods to achieve more efficient marketing of your products and solutions to your Clients and Prospects, so that you can expand your capacity to grow current business and close more new business faster and – in some cases – with less effort and stress. 
  • Teaching you proprietary methods to “hit above your weight” (to use the Boxing term) so that you are able to consistently generate additional revenues from Current Clients and new revenues from Prospects.

Organizational =

  • Helping ensure that the most important “things” you need to achieve in your business are “linked” in your Operational Model, so that the way in which success is measured is aligned across the entire firm.
  • Making sure that the measurements you use to “determine success” are, in fact, measuring the behaviors and Outcomes you are seeking and not just financial reporting.
  • Establishing practical methods that will help you become more Entrepreneurial as a business Leader, which as recent events clearly indicate, is a requirement for the Future State of Business. This need often requires that we also:
  • Improve your Skills Sets as they pertain to the five types of Leadership depending on your business needs (the five types are: Self, Team, Operational, Senior and Strategic Leadership), so that you can be the most effective possible in your current Role.
  • Developing your understanding of what makes a truly effective Leader from an average (or mediocre) one.
  • Helping you to build the Leadership Skills Sets that let you manage your different “Silos” more effectively, so that you can be significantly more efficient at working within your organization.
  • Helping you develop a greater ability to proactively manage change “on your feet in day-to-day operational business.”
  • Improve your Substantive Self-Confidence, which is central to your long-term success.
  • Helping you understand how different people react to your leadership style – without a lot of theory – so that you can achieve your key business goals.
  • Improving your Operational Management Skills Sets (this is very different than “management”), so that you can achieve the business goals you are seeking on time and on budget without changing who you are as a person.
  • Building a culture within the firm where people can be trusted to “do the right thing” (versus “doing things right”) because your working environment is ethically results based and NOT process measurement based.
  • Working with you to create new ways to “sell ideas” during meetings (including Telcos, Video Conferences and Web), so that you provide the maximum impact possible by looking at how you “read the room,” build relationships and project Value.
  • How to run meetings and presentations (including Telcos, Video Conferences and Web) so that you consistently achieve the outcomes you are seeking regardless of the “stress” you may feel or the “pressure” you are under.
  • Greatly reduced “stress” and improved day-to-day level of fun!

Operational =

  • Minimizing “Dynamic Friction” within your business model.
  • Help ensure that your long-term Strategy for your business and your day-to-day Business Plan are mutually supporting and that you are not “set up to fail.” You would be surprised how many times business leaders get this piece totally wrong.
  • Building your core capability and capacity (the two items are very different) to “get things done thru others,” which is our definition of Leadership.
  • Working to make sure that your Business Strategy passes the “Smell Test” and your Business Plan passes the “Reality Test.”
  • Conducting a real-time SWOT analysis that does not take “forever and a day.”


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