The Operational Art

Canoe teamWe assist our Clients in ensuring that their Business Strategy is “operationally linked” to their Business Plan and that their Business Plan is “logistically aligned” to their Business Strategy. Some of the benefits you can expect to gain in this focus area are:

  • First and Foremost, help ensure that your long-term Strategy for your business and your day-to-day Business Plan are mutually supporting and that you are not “set up to fail.” You would be surprised how many times business leaders get this piece totally wrong;
  • Pinpoint ways to maximize profits without destroying your Client relationships for short term gains;
  • Build realistic plans to gain the highest share of your Clients’ business wallets without “giving away the farm” (what we call Profitless Prosperity);
  • Minimizing “Dynamic Friction” within your business model (very important);
  • Helping ensure that the most important “things” you need to achieve in your business are “linked” in your Operational Model, so that the way in which success is measured is aligned across the entire firm.
  • Making sure that the measurements you use to “determine success” are, in fact, measuring the behaviors and Outcomes you are seeking and not just financial reporting.
  • Building a culture within the firm where people can be trusted to “do the right thing” (versus “doing things right”) because your working environment is ethically results based and NOT process measurement based.
  • Working to make sure that your Business Strategy passes the “Smell Test” and your Business Plan passes the “Reality Test.”
  • A heightened capacity for you to “get the job done” in your current Role, while increasing overall revenues and profits for the firm without increasing the level of daily stress that you experience;

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