Building your teams

Character is like a tree and reputation is its shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the
real thing – Abraham Lincoln
Character is like a tree and reputation is its shadow.
The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the
real thing – Abraham Lincoln

Building Your Teams For Success

Successful Senior leaders are central figures in the life of their organization.

Andover Partners works with your Key Employees, team leaders and their teams to enhance (their)core capability and capacity (the two items are very different) which will result in a greater ability to proactively manage change “on your feet in day-to-day operational business.”

  • Building a culture within the firm where people can be trusted to “do the right thing” (versus “doing things right”) because your working environment is ethically results based and NOT process measurement based.
  • Making sure that the way in which success is measured is aligned across the entire firm, and that the measurements you use to “determine success” are, in fact, measuring the behaviors and Outcomes you are seeking and not just financial reporting.

This includes

The work we do with your Key employees intersects with some of the  same critical requirements of leadership development required for Senior leaders depending on the requirements of a specific engagement:

  • Self – simply put, the ability to enable yourself to be the most effective possible in your current Role, position, or situation
  • Peer – one of the most difficult types of Leadership because it requires that you lead people who are “at your same level,” to include other persons of the same age, position, or experience.
  • Team – this specifically refers to leading groups of people up to nine (9) in number (more than nine individuals and you are actually leading “Groups” of people, which we call Senior Leadership).

Strategic Team BuildingTo Grow Your Business

We work with your senior leaders or key employees on strategic ways to grow and build their business, and then roll out a strategic team building program aimed at building business and maximizing profitability.

We show team leaders and their teams how to:

  • Build realistic plans to gain the highest share of their marketplace without “giving away the farm” (what we call Profitless Prosperity).
  • Develop LTCPs – Long Term Consultative Partnerships – which radically changes the Perceptions that your Clients have of the individual and the firm itself, and enables you to gain the Lion’s share of all the potential business that the Client can give to you.
  • Boost their capacity to build and grow business via increased performance because we teach individuals how to significantly improve their “hit rate.”
  • Improve their overall level of Operational Control (OPCON) as it pertains to their bottom line business results.
  • Help them individually and in groups develop successful plans to achieve company business revenue goals in changing markets and the onset of severe economic conditions (we call this the All-Terrain Opportunity Model, or ATOM for short).
  • In many situations, this necessitates that we-Examine various methods to achieve more efficient marketing of products and solutions to Clients and Prospects, so that team members can expand their capacity to grow current business and close more new business faster and – in some cases – with less effort and stress.
  • Work with teams to create new ways to “sell ideas” during meetings (including Telcos, Video Conferences and Web), so that you provide the maximum impact possible by looking at how you “read the room,” build relationships and project Value.