Experience and Background

Experience and Background


  • Critical shifts in the realignment of the Corporate Strategy and the associated Business Operating Plan(s) via The Operational Art (a focus that I believe we are unique in providing outside of a few elite Military schools).
  • Unparalleled revenue (and profit) growth year over year via a proprietary method of combining Relationship Management with Information Operations, (or IO, as it is known in the military).
  • Significant, measurable improvement in Operational Effectiveness usually thru Logistical Orientation and Senior Leadership Development (a topic on which I am writing a book).


Founder & President

Andover Partners, LLC – Darien, CT – January 2002 to Present

Hands on assistance with the implementation of a client firm’s Strategy and/or execution of their Business Operating Plan(s) to deliver measurable, bottom line results that maximize the Shareholder Value of the Client’s business model based on the their direct and extensive input. Primary focus areas are: The Operational Art (which is defined as the actions required to ensure that your Strategic Plan is 100% aligned with the day-to-day Operational requirements of your business and vice versa); Revenue Generation, Organizational Effectiveness and Applied Leadership. Additional focus areas are: Operational Management, Senior Leadership Development and Logistics Execution. Every Engagement with the Client is custom built (I do not have a “set piece” process application) and designed to help deliver to my Clients the Outcomes they seek immediately upon working with me.

Major Benefits delivered to Clients include:

  •  Development of the operational structures and reorganization of the sales models required to maximize Client profitability and also deliver optimal performance
  • Analysis, planning and implementation of reorganization strategies (including internal financial analysis) that help CEO & senior management teams maximize Shareholder Value and achieve financial goals within the “real world” constraints they currently face.
  • Development and delivery of a proprietary methodology for all Strategic Account Management (SAM) functions, which results in significant additional Revenue.
  • Design and placement into daily use a proprietary Business Development (BD) process that significantly increases “hit rates”.
  • Purpose built Exit Strategy: my Clients that seek to monetize their life’s work (if the firm is privately held) or seek an IPO / M & A have used my unique platform to help them build, implement and execute a viable exit plan that will deliver the highest valuation possible.

Past & Present Clients include:

  • Large, multinational firms (and their spin-off sales, or purchase targets). Examples include: American Express Technologies (U.S. and Europe), Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank AG (Germany), Deutsche Bank London, DZ Bank (Germany), HSH Nordbank (Germany), IBM, Jefferies International (London), Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Overseas Shipping Group, Sears Holdings, Sherman & Sterling (London) and Simmons & Simmons (London).
  • Closely held Mid Cap firms in the U.S. and EU.  Examples include American Bureau of Shipping (Houston, TX) and Middelstand Clients in Germany.
  • Closely held Small Cap firms throughout the U.S. Examples include MJLF (Stamford, CT) and KCIC (Washington DC).

Combat Service Support Commander

United States Army Reserve (Active Component) – Worldwide – September 1987 to March 2002

Highest Rank Attained – Major Served in the following capacities:

  • Officer in Charge of multiple Combat Service Support Teams in multiple theaters of operations (some classified).
  • Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare officer assigned to classified wartime planning and operations in multiple theaters.
  • Planning, preparation and execution of logistical support packages for DEA, ATF and Border Patrol Interdiction & Area Denial operations involving Hazardous Duty.

Desert Shield / Desert Storm- (August 1990 thru June 1991)

  • Commander of one of two Combat Service Support units for in the U.S. Army Reserve inventory secretly activated in August of 1990.
  • Organization and operational utilization of $1.2 billion in classified spare parts.
  • Daily management and control of training for over 250 soldiers (including 58 females) involved in 15 separate skill areas ranging from Top Secret (Presidential) electronics to biological hazard detection.
  • Other classified duties.

Other Responsibilities and Achievements

  • Combat support development officer for Force XXI, which is the basis for Army operations in the twenty-first century: many of the concepts developed under Force XXI are currently being used in Iraq and in Afghanistan, including many of the “Asymmetric Warfare” platforms.
  • Significant time and resources spent assisting in the planning, developing and implementation of logistical support for both Domestic and International Anti-Terrorist/Counter-Terrorist operations.

My experience in Combat Logistics and Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare is currently utilized by active duty senior officers as a planning base for future operations.

Vice President

Mobley Associates, Inc. – San Francisco, CA – July 1996 to December 2001

Provided Management Consulting to Fortune 500 companies in the following areas:

  • Created programs that enabled CEOs and their teams to be more effective at cross selling within their own organization, thereby maximizing each individual’s potential within the company.
  • Developed unique and proprietary methods for the building of internal and external Communications with Client firms, which resulted in significantly improved coordination and performance of business unit requirements.

Combat Service Support Commander

United States Army (Regular Army) – Worldwide – May 1983 to August 1987

Served in the following capacities:

  • Logistics Officer assigned to the 7th Infantry Division (Light): served multiple short tours in Korea, Sinai Peninsula and Egypt.
  • Officer in Charge, 9th Infantry Regiment’s (Manchu’s) Combat Logistics Unit: served multiple short tours in Central & South America.

I was the first Ordnance Officer in U.S. Army history to be embedded into a Combat Arms unit.


 Graduated in Combat Service Support (Logistics) Command and General Staff College – Fort Leavenworth, KS 1991 to 1992.

MBA in Entrepreneurialism & Marketing University of Southern California – Los Angeles, CA 1987 to 1989

Bachelor’s in History and Political Science Claremont McKenna College – Claremont, CA 1979 to 1983


Phillips Academy – Andover, MA 1976 to 1979


  • Meritorious Service Medal for Combat Service Support under extremely hazardous conditions.
  • Army Commendation Medals (2) or superior performance in support of combat operations and deployments.
  • Army Achievement Medals (3) for superior performance of duty in highly complex logistical operations, many of which involved Combined, or Foreign operations.
  • Commissioned Regular Army in May 1983 upon completion of ROTC (Very rare at the time as most ROTC candidates received Reserve Commissions).
  • 1983 Cadet of the Year: Daughters of the American Revolution