Strategic Communications perception and Alignment

Strategic Communication Effectiveness and Alignment

  • Without Effective Communications, you cannot achieve your most important business goals. Additionally, without the ability to have Effective Communication as part of the “Cultural Fabric” of your business, your Senior Leaders & Decision Makers are subject to additional Dynamic Friction as well as a lack of Operational Alignment in their day to day business operations. In extreme cases, a lack of an Effective Communicationsculture can potentially “kill” your firm (simple example: Tesla).  Using the Andover Partners Methodology as a guide, our Clients learn:
    • HOW to define what constitutes Effective Communication for their firm;
    • HOW to ensure that Effective Communication is occurring routinely on a daily basis internally & externally and, perhaps most importantly;
    • HOW to prevent Effective Communication failures from occurring in the first place.
  • How many times have you heard a co-worker (or yourself) state “I just finished an endless meeting and we didn’t get anything done”? Chances are it happens more times than you would like to admit! For many reasons, including the vast expansion ofthe communications capabilities for information technology, corporations are spending more and more time having meetings.  While meetings can be a very important tool in accomplishing your business objectives, in many cases, the meetings are not an effective or efficient use of time.  For definition purposes, when you have an effective meeting, you “get things done right.”  When you have an efficient meeting, you “get things done quickly.”  At Andover Partners, we help you do both!