Engagement Style

Engagement Style

First, everything we do for our Clients is 100% custom built: There is no such thing as a “set” Engagement.

Second, we do not have an “ideological key hole” we drag Clients thru regardless of circumstances or needs because we believe one cannot “force the fit.”

We have worked in multiple cultures all over the world and in numerous different business sectors.  Andover Partners’ Methodology is geared to global business.

As such, every Engagement is unique (because every Client’s needs are different).  However, all Engagements have a certain “flavor” (or “flavour if you are from the UK):

  • Everything we do is completely confidential. When working with a specific client firm’s principal leadership and their teams there are no “reports” or “back channel” conversations with anybody at the Client firm.  We are not spies.  As a result, over time, Participants feel that they can share their most important confidences with us, which results in our being able to provide much more meaningful and personalized benefits to them (and their firms).
  • We do not tell our Clients how to do their job. The “Role” we seek to earn with every Client is one of Operational Catalyst, or (if you prefer), some form of Trusted Advisor.  The former is a very specific term and refers to our Operational, bottom line results focused approach.  We use the term “catalyst” in the chemical sense to refer to the fact that we improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our Client’s business, but we are not affected, or effected by the politics, processes or any other internal issue.  We just seek to help our Clients achieve their business    Period.
  • Third, we always try to build (what we call) LTCPs- Long Term Consultative Partnerships- with our Clients, if possible.  Why?  Because we are in the business of telling our Clients “The Truth” as we see it: This can sometimes lead to stressful Engagements, however, it is one of our hallmarks.